Salary & Benefits
Grand Tec provides its employees with a competitive base salary that equals the annual market pay levels and individual performance reviews.

Performance Bonuses
In addition to a base salary, Grand Tec reviews their employees performance t hroughout the year and how it relates to the company’s goals and rewards its employees with additional bonuses for excellent performance.
In order to encourage outstanding teams and individuals, the company has also incorporated a variety of awards, including Outstanding Staff Award, Outstanding Cadres (Teams), Technical Innovation Awards, Quality Improvement Awards, Safety Awards, and others.
Grand Tec encourages a healthy, balanced work life, and provides their staff with various full paid leave including holidays, labor law requirements, marriage, maternity leave, paternity leave, bereavement leave, etc. Additionally employees are rewarded for length of service, buy receiving additional days of paid leave based on the number of years of service with Grand Tec.
Grand Tec also provides their employees with generous holiday gifts, maternity/wedding subsidies, meal allowances, job subsidies, night supper subsidies, and labor subsidies.
Grand Tec provides its employees with a comprehensive life and health insurance as well as paying social insurance, state regulations outside the company. Grand also provides employees with the option to purchase supplemental insurance (Personal accident / health care) including outpatient and inpatient treatments and critical illness insurance.
Other Benefits
The company is equipped to assist our employees with matters relating to their accounts, and annual health checks, and also offers employee meals through our dedicated team restaurant. We also regularly organize various cultural and sports activities including: Basketball, Billiards, Badminton, Talent Shows, and Travel.