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Products & Solutions Overview
Grand Technologies has innovative engineering solutions & services, we are committed in the areas of technology & advancement, offering world class quality products & cost competitiveness. We are also responsive to customer needs & challenges.

We specialize in equipment contract manufacturing system design and manufacture our own brand of equipment for semiconductors and automation, as well as parts and modules for contract manufacturing.

Equipment Contract Manufacturing System (ECMS)
Grand Tec provides a total solution of design integration for semiconductor equipment, CNC equipment and robotic integration applications for customers.

Own Brand Equipment
We have the capability to design & manufacture equipment for semiconductor & automation.  

Part & Module Contract Manufacturing
We provide our customers a total solution, mold and die cast, CNC machining, precision machining, sheet metal, surface treatment, electric cable assembly, quality control, final assembly, procurement and logistics for telecommunication equipment, medical equipment, airport logistic equipment, and electronics equipment.