CEO Speech

 In 2004, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met CEO Wade Lam at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

CEO Speech 

The founding principle for Grand Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of a vision for great things. A vision that is not limited by the mind, but instead creates a platform for hard work that leads to our achievement and the success of our customers. We compile the right people that possess a similar vision and skills to get the job done.  I, as well as Grand Tec's employees, work as one to become China's (and the world's) leading company for equipment and system contract manufacturing.
Grand Tec started in machining and automation equipment. Later Grand Tec expanded into CNC machining, sheet metal production, surface treatment (such as epoxy coating, oxidation, and chrome plating), automated glue and sealing dispensing, aluminum die casting and electronics assembly. Now, we have successfully expanded to business automation equipment, telecommunications equipment, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, HDD equipment, airport equipment, robotic equipment, and CNC equipment.

Grand Tec has a high advantage in terms of one stop solutions, with a specialization in mechanical and electrical integration. 

For our customers, we value and provide long term partnerships as well as provide personalized solutions and resources to achieve their goals.

The market is fiercely competitive and constantly changing for most businesses. In order to survive we must do a better job at a lower cost.