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Epson robotic applications respond to our customer's needs by offering a variety of options with different characteristics and combinations to create a customized solution for your needs.  High-precision units that offer channel coverage without blind spots, smaller arm lengths, and overhead installation options help create an efficient, space saving product that will improve efficiency and accuracy.
•Improve production efficiency
•Improve the quality of product
•Reduce the cost

• Low residual vibration, high precision” to “Robotic selection of multiple product handling (robot + vision guide + transmission tracking) offers a processing capacity of 120 pcs/min
• Complex work unit system devise uses a single controller to simultaneously control multiple robots to create a fast response time and quick acting units.
• Offers a variety of arm lengths, various clean grades, and custom installations for transmission handling work.”
• Robotic arms can be used for a range of space vector curve shifts and multi-angle work situations, such as spraying, welding, sorting, assembly, tightening screws, glue application, etc.