Quality Assurance System

Our quality assurance procedures start with the selection of raw materials, which must pass an inspection and production process and strictly follow the company's quality policy.  Our company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 certifications, and has advanced quality testing equipment.  We have also hired Japanese experts who are responsible for the management of the company's quality assurance program.  The introduction of the new ERP system ensures the production and implementation of quality management. We work with multinational companies to create solid business partnerships to provide a robust quality service platform.

Quality Management System Certifications
ISO 9001:2008 reissued in Nov. 13, 2014
ISO 13485:2003 reissued in Sept.12, 2013
ISO 14001:2004 reissued in Nov.13, 2014
IEQC QC080000:2012 reissued in Sept.15, 2014

Quality Policy
To provide customers quality products and services.
To provide our customers with quick reponse to prevent issue recurrence.
To continuously pursue highest customer satisfaction.

Environmental Policy
Full participation in pollution prevention.
Follow procedures to save energy and reduce waste in compliance with local environmental policies.
We work to continuously improve environmental awareness of our employees through training, a clean work environment, and improvements in work efficiency.

Continuous Improvement Practices
5S and IE 
The introduction of Japanese 5S and IE management creates a cleaner environment for all employees, and highlights good Grand Tec culture and creates a sense of unity and belonging. This management style encourages the reduction of unreasonable waste, and creating an efficient work environment, creating a solid growth and development.